Albert Dweck Duke Properties

Albert Dweck Duke Properties is a leading real estate firm specializing in property management, real estate investment, and consulting services. Founded by Albert Dweck, a seasoned real estate professional with over two decades of experience, we are headquartered in New York City, serving clients both locally and across the nation.

Who We Are

The Genesis of Excellence

In 2001, a visionary by the name of Albert Dweck took the bold step to found Duke Properties. What started as a humble endeavor has now blossomed into a leading real estate firm with a diversified portfolio, spanning over 40 partnerships and approximately 500 units under management in the North Eastern United States. At the helm of all company activities—from planning and acquisition to marketing and maintenance—Albert Dweck’s leadership has been instrumental in steering Duke Properties toward unparalleled success.

Our Mission: Creating Thriving Communities

At the core of Duke Properties is a mission that transcends the bricks and mortar of real estate—our goal is to reliably create communities where residents can lead safe, successful, and happy lives. We understand the intrinsic value of a home, not just as a financial investment, but as a cornerstone for a fulfilling life.

Multifaceted Expertise

Our team of professionals brings together a rich tapestry of skills, all aimed at fulfilling our mission. Leon Chen, our Financial Controller, oversees all financial intricacies, ensuring that our operations are backed by sound financial planning and strategy. Tricia Ramdahin-Small, our Property Manager & Leasing Coordinator, ensures that our properties offer not just a place to stay, but a community to belong to. Josh Früm, our Head of Acquisitions, meticulously identifies and develops new assets, constantly expanding our reach and scope. Each individual on our team, from Asset Management to Investor Administration, plays a unique role in building the Duke legacy.

Our Unique Investment Strategy

We pride ourselves on our unique investment strategy—focusing on multifamily residential real estate within 90 miles of New York City. We operate under the principle of “Too Small for the Big Guy, Too Big for the Small Guy,” targeting assets generally composed of 35 units or less, often as small as 6 units, and priced below $25 million. This allows us to tap into market inefficiencies and unlock value through institutional management, asset rehabilitation, and creative recapitalization.

A Focus on Emerging Neighborhoods

One of our core strategies involves investing in New York City’s emerging neighborhoods—areas on the cusp of accelerated growth in demand for housing and amenities. From Brooklyn neighborhoods like Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights to parts of Upper Manhattan like Harlem and Hamilton Heights, we continue to focus on areas with significant growth potential. Being part of the development of these neighborhoods doesn’t just offer financial returns; it’s an exciting aspect of our business that aligns with our broader mission of community building.

Core Values: The Pillars of Our Success

  1. Ambitious and Relentless: We are steadfast in our commitment to producing outcomes and fulfilling our intentions.
  2. Innovative: We continuously seek creative solutions to the challenges we face.
  3. Adaptability: Our ability to adapt and solve problems creatively sets us apart.
  4. Strategic, Thorough, Accountable: Every decision we make is backed by a well-thought-out strategy and accountability.
  5. Respectful, Reliable, Responsible: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of respect, reliability, and responsibility.
  6. Teamwork and Partnership: We believe in fostering strong partnerships with our investors, employees, and vendors.
  7. Loyalty: Our commitment to following through on our promises defines who we are.

Ambitious and Relentless

At Duke Properties, ambition is not just a word—it’s a way of life. We set challenging goals and pursue them relentlessly, never settling for mediocrity. Whether it’s identifying new investment opportunities or optimizing existing assets, our ambition drives us to exceed expectations. Our relentlessness manifests in our dogged determination to overcome obstacles and deliver outstanding results, making us steadfast in our commitment to producing outcomes and fulfilling our intentions.


In a rapidly evolving real estate landscape, innovation is not optional—it’s imperative. We continuously seek creative solutions to the complex challenges we face, from leveraging cutting-edge technology to adopting novel investment strategies. Our commitment to innovation allows us to stay ahead of market trends, offering unparalleled value to our clients and stakeholders.


Change is the only constant in business, and adaptability is in our DNA. Whether it’s adjusting to market fluctuations or adopting new technologies, our ability to adapt and solve problems creatively sets us apart. This adaptability is not just reactive but proactive, enabling us to anticipate challenges before they arise and formulate effective solutions.

Strategic, Thorough, Accountable

Every decision at Duke Properties is backed by a well-thought-out strategy, meticulous planning, and thorough execution. We leave no stone unturned in our quest for excellence. Accountability is not just an individual responsibility but a collective ethos. From the leadership team to every employee, we hold ourselves accountable for the commitments we make, ensuring that our actions align with our strategies and objectives.

Respectful, Reliable, Responsible

Respect, reliability, and responsibility are the ethical cornerstones upon which Duke Properties is built. We treat everyone—from clients and investors to employees and vendors—with the utmost respect. Our reliability is evident in our consistent performance and unwavering quality of service. Moreover, we take our responsibilities seriously, whether it’s towards our clients, the communities we serve, or the environment.

Teamwork and Partnership

The synergy of a team often exceeds the sum of its parts, and at Duke Properties, we strongly believe in the power of teamwork and partnership. We foster strong partnerships with our investors, employees, and vendors, creating an ecosystem that enables mutual growth. This collaborative approach extends beyond contractual obligations, reflecting a genuine commitment to shared success.


Loyalty is more than a virtue at Duke Properties—it’s a fundamental part of who we are. Our commitment to following through on our promises isn’t just an operational guideline but a defining aspect of our organizational culture. Whether it’s ensuring the timely completion of a project or maintaining open and transparent communication, our loyalty is reflected in every action we take.

The Future We’re Building

As we look ahead, we’re excited about the future—a future where Duke Properties continues to be a name synonymous with integrity, innovation, and community building. With upcoming projects and a growing team, we’re not just shaping skylines; we’re shaping lives. And in this journey, we invite you to be a part of our ever-expanding Duke family.

What We Do: Unveiling the Multitude of Services at Duke Properties

Comprehensive Property Management

At Duke Properties, we don’t just manage properties; we manage experiences. Serving the burgeoning markets across the greater New York City area, we provide an array of services designed to exceed expectations and optimize investment returns.

Manage Resident Relationships

Our commitment to resident relationships is unparalleled. We understand that a home is more than four walls—it’s a sanctuary. Our aim is to maintain long-standing relationships with our residents, providing them with safe and affordable living spaces where they can thrive. We are invested in the happiness and well-being of our residents, taking pride in fostering communities that enrich lives.

Marketing & Fill Vacancies

Keeping your property occupied is a critical aspect of maximizing ROI, and our marketing and leasing services are tailored to achieve this. By leveraging innovative marketing strategies, we ensure your properties are always filled and performing at their peak potential.

Construction & Design

The aesthetics and utility of a property are instrumental in attracting and retaining tenants. Whether your property needs a simple remodel or a complete overhaul, our expertise in design and construction can help add significant value to your NYC apartments.

Reporting & Financials

Transparency and organization are key when it comes to the financial aspects of property management. We provide detailed property performance reports to keep you informed about your investments. Our reporting is designed to be comprehensive yet easy to understand, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Maintenance & Inspections

Regular maintenance isn’t just about keeping the property in good condition; it’s about enhancing its long-term value. Our team conducts regular property inspections and maintenance activities, ensuring that everything is in pristine condition and adhering to safety standards.

Investment Management

Are you an investor looking to make your mark on the New York City residential landscape? Duke Properties is your ideal partner.

Maximizing ROI

Our investment approach is focused on producing the best possible return for our partners. By engaging in Value-Add and Opportunistic property acquisition, even in market lows, we minimize risk and maximize appreciation. Our strategy targets affordable neighborhoods and smaller assets, allowing us to operate nimbly and minimize volatility.

Expert Knowledge

With two decades of sustained focus on residential real estate in core New York markets, our localized expertise is a cornerstone of our success. We can navigate the threats, fulfill obligations, and exploit opportunities to produce superior risk-adjusted returns.

Strategically Integrated

Our market analysis is tactical and shrewd, focused on older and distressed middle-market assets in emerging communities. After acquiring and renovating these properties, we engage local partners to create a distinct, proprietary brand tailored to each neighborhood.

A Partnership You Can Trust

As a property management company, we are acutely aware that we’re not just managing properties; we’re managing significant investments. We treat each property as if it were our own, ensuring that every decision made serves to maximize its value. Through responsive attention to resident requests and a resident portal that simplifies communication, we maintain a 24/7 presence in our communities.

Our services are not just about maintaining properties; they’re about building and maintaining relationships—whether with residents, investors, or partners. So, when you choose Duke Properties, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re getting a partner committed to your success.

About Albert Dweck

Albert Dweck is not just the founder and CEO of Duke Properties; he’s the visionary who has been shaping the real estate landscape of the North Eastern United States since 2001. His comprehensive responsibilities span across every facet of real estate—planning, acquisition, financing, marketing, sales, leasing, and maintenance. Over the years, Albert has been the managing principal of more than 40 real estate partnerships, with an impressive portfolio of approximately 500 units under management.

His educational background is as diverse and comprehensive as his professional experience. A graduate of The Stern School of Business at New York University, Albert also underwent intensive training in business and management at the Sanno Institute of Management in Tokyo, Japan. Further honing his skills, he earned a certificate in real estate investment and finance from NYU, SCPS in 2003 and most recently, a certificate in Strategy Execution from Harvard Online Business School in 2021.

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Albert has contributed to the industry as a former Professor at the Real Estate Institute at NYU, SCPS. His deep understanding of real estate investment dynamics and market trends makes him not just a successful businessman but also a respected thought leader in the industry. Learn More About Albert Dweck

Connect with Albert Dweck

Albert Dweck is an influential voice in the real estate industry, sharing his insights and expertise across multiple platforms. We invite you to connect with him and explore his world through various social media platforms and his personal website.

About Albert Dweck

Albert Dweck Duke Properties Services Overview

Comprehensive Property Management

  • Manage Resident Relationships

    At Duke Properties, we consider resident relationships to be the cornerstone of successful property management. We focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our residents. By providing safe, affordable, and comfortable living spaces, we make sure our residents are more than just occupants; they are members of a community. Learn More
  • Marketing & Fill Vacancies

    A vacant property is a lost opportunity. That’s why we employ innovative marketing and leasing strategies aimed at keeping your properties occupied. Leveraging digital platforms, community engagement, and market analytics, we ensure that your properties are visible to the right audience, filling vacancies faster and more efficiently. Learn More
  • Construction & Design
    The physical space of a property often sets the tone for resident satisfaction. Whether you’re looking to modernize an aging property or build anew, our expertise in construction and design will add significant value to your real estate assets. Specializing in NYC apartments, we know how to maximize both utility and aesthetic appeal. Learn More
  • Reporting & Financials

    In real estate, knowledge is power. Our comprehensive reporting services are designed to keep you informed about every aspect of your property’s performance. From occupancy rates to financial statements, our transparent and detailed reports allow you to make informed decisions about your investments. Learn More
  • Maintenance & Inspections

    A well-maintained property is not only more attractive to potential residents but also more valuable in the long run. Our team conducts regular inspections and maintenance activities, ranging from safety checks to aesthetic upgrades, ensuring that your property remains in top-notch condition. Learn More

Investment Management

  • Maximizing ROI

    Your investment deserves the best possible returns, and at Duke Properties, that’s exactly what we aim for. Through meticulous planning and intelligent repositioning of assets, we mitigate market risks and capture substantial appreciation, focusing on properties that offer the best potential for value addition. Learn More
  • Expert Knowledge

    With over 20 years of experience in the New York City real estate market, our expertise is one of our most valuable assets. We leverage this extensive knowledge to navigate market volatility, identify lucrative opportunities, and ultimately deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our partners. Learn More
  • Strategically Integrated

    We don’t just manage properties; we rejuvenate them. By targeting older and distressed middle-market assets in emerging communities, we breathe new life into neighborhoods. Our approach is holistic, encompassing everything from renovations to community engagement, creating a distinctive brand for each property. Learn More
Exceptional Resident Experience
  • Superior Resident Services

    Resident satisfaction is our priority. From prompt responses to maintenance requests to a user-friendly resident portal, we make life easier for our tenants. Our 24/7 customer service ensures that resident concerns are addressed promptly, making for a seamless living experience. Learn More
  • Community Building

    Duke Properties is not in the business of merely renting spaces; we are in the business of building communities. Through planned social events, communal spaces, and a focus on safety and security, we turn our properties into communities where residents can live happily and thrive. Learn More

Explore Our Full Range of Services

For a more in-depth look at how Duke Properties can cater to your specific real estate needs, we invite you to explore our full range of services.

Featured Properties

Property 1: 10 Westminster Road
791 Onderdonk Ave features a mix of traditional architecture and contemporary interiors. With proximity to shopping centers and public transit, this property offers a balanced lifestyle for its residents.
Located in a peaceful neighborhood, 61-47 Woodbine St offers residents an escape from the hustle and bustle while still being conveniently close to essential amenities.
16-73 Woodbine St
16-75 Woodbine St
17-05 Putnam Ave

Duke Properties Blog: Your Guide to Real Estate Excellence

Welcome to the Duke Properties Blog, where we bring you the latest insights, tips, and trends in the real estate industry. As a leader in property management and investment in the greater New York City area, we have a wealth of knowledge that we’re eager to share with you.

Whether you’re an investor looking for the next big opportunity, a homeowner curious about market trends, or a resident in one of our communities, there’s something here for everyone. Our expert team, led by our CEO Albert Dweck, taps into years of experience to provide you with actionable advice and thought-provoking articles.

Here, you’ll find everything from investment strategies and property management tips to community highlights and resident success stories. We aim to be your go-to resource for all things real estate, and we invite you to explore, engage, and learn.

So go ahead, dive into our latest posts below and elevate your real estate journey with Duke Properties.


What Clients Are Saying

“Duke Properties has been managing my investment properties for years, and I couldn't be happier. Their attention to detail and proactive approach has made my life so much easier. I can't recommend them highly enough!”

John Smith

“As a resident in one of Duke Properties' buildings, I've experienced firsthand their commitment to quality and resident satisfaction. Any issues are promptly addressed, and the community they've built is simply wonderful.”

Jane Doe

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Address: 611 Broadway, Suite 616, New York, NY 10012

Common Questions People Ask

1. Who is the CEO of Duke Properties?

Albert Dweck is the Founder and CEO of Duke Properties. He oversees all aspects of the company’s real estate activities, including planning, acquisition, financing, marketing, sales, leasing, and maintenance.

2. What is Duke Properties’ main focus in real estate?

Duke Properties primarily focuses on multifamily residential real estate. They specialize in the acquisition, management, and optimization of properties mainly within 90 miles of New York City.

3. How does innovation play a role in Duke Properties?

Innovation is a core value at Duke Properties. The company employs advanced property management software and data analytics, and also focuses on community-centered development and rebranding strategies to maximize ROI.

4. How many units does Duke Properties manage?

As of the latest update, Duke Properties manages approximately 500 units across various partnerships in the North Eastern United States.

5. What is the background of Albert Dweck?

Albert Dweck received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from The Stern School of Business at New York University. He has also completed intensive training in business and management at the Sanno Institute of Management in Tokyo, Japan, among other educational achievements.

6. What do partners and clients say about Duke Properties?

Partners and clients often praise the company’s professionalism, dedication, and results-driven approach. Many have seen significant increases in property value and ROI thanks to the strategies employed by Duke Properties.

7. How can I get in touch with Duke Properties for investment opportunities?

You can get in touch with Duke Properties through their official website, where you’ll find contact details including their address, phone number, and email. You can also connect with Albert Dweck and other team members through professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.

8. What are the core values of Duke Properties?

The core values of Duke Properties include being ambitious and relentless, innovative, adaptable, strategic, thorough, accountable, respectful, reliable, responsible, focused on teamwork and partnership, and loyal.

9. How long has Albert Dweck been in the real estate industry?

Albert Dweck has been in the real estate industry for over two decades. He founded Duke Properties in 2001 and has been the managing principal of over 40 real estate partnerships since then.

10. What is Albert Dweck’s business philosophy?

Albert Dweck believes in meticulous planning, comprehensive research, and strategic execution. He specializes in “value-add” and “opportunistic” property acquisitions, focusing on overlooked but high-potential properties. His approach has been pivotal in the growth and success of Duke Properties.

11. How can I connect with Albert Dweck?

Albert Dweck is active on several social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. He also has a personal website and a profile on Crunchbase where you can learn more about him and his professional journey.

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